• Samsung 64L 3D V-NAND

  • Samsung released their 64L 3D V-NAND solution in January of 2017 for key IT customers, and ramped up production in June for its expanded general market.

    The innovation included the following highlights:

    • Vertical NAND cell structure with 71 gates and 20 nm BL Half pitch
    • A NAND string configuration likely with 64 word lines, 4 DWLs, 2 string select lines and 1 ground select line
    • 9 channel hole integration between common source line including 1 dummy hole
    • Laminated layer deposition for charge trap layer and tunnel oxide
    • Mask design updated for WL Pad trimming
    • Medium Voltage Transistor instead of Low Voltage Transistor on X-dec

    There are many reasons this device caught our attention, and we have conducted a great deal of analysis on it. We are offering the reports defined below about the Samsung 64L 3D V-NAND, as well as information available through our various subscription products and tools.

    Download the product brief for complete details
    on our analysis of this product

    We have made several reports available on this product, as follows:

    Samsung K9CKGY8H5A 64-Layer 3D NAND Flash ACMOS Essentials Part 1
    Samsung K9CKGY8H5A 3D 64L V-NAND ACMOS Essentials Part 2

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