• Technology Analysis: Find Out
    How a Competitor “Did That”

    Responsive Solutions Tailored to Your Exact Needs

  • Get critical insight to a competitor’s solution or industry innovation

    Our technology analysis services use state-of-the-art facilities, proprietary tools, and highly experienced technicians and engineers to reveal the innovation others can’t inside consumer electronics devices.

    Know what’s inside competitor products, how they work and why

    TechInsights' Technology Analysis Services are Invaluable for:

    • Helping you build a market winning product portfolio that ensures market retention and growth over time
    • Getting insight that enables you to design best-of-breed products by understanding where others have made mistakes – or employed innovative techniques to solve particular challenges
    • Separating fact from rumors about alleged innovations and which technologies are actually being used
    • Providing a start point for your own or new designs – and benchmarking your designs against competitors

    We reveal the ‘secret sauce’ behind the most innovative and disruptive products in the market today.

    Our analysis:

    • Is always customized to your specific needs to ensure maximum return on your investment
    • Goes as deep as required to discover the nature of an innovation
    • Provides invaluable insight to what’s changing in the semiconductor industry, why you may have lost a design win, and what a competitor may have done that was better

    See what insights a subscription gives you

    The analysis and insight you get can be the difference between winning market share,
    growing your revenues year-over-year, and differentiating yourself from the competition – or not.

    Choose from four types of technology analysis

    Product Teardown, Circuit Analysis, Process Analysis, Systems Analysis

    Product Teardowns

    Valuable Intelligence on Devices of Your Choice

    We provide standalone and subscription-based consumer electronic teardown reports that provide thorough benchmarking information including bill of materials for mobile devices, wearables, drones, SSDs, notebooks, cameras, and STDBs/Streaming devices. We can also analyze any device you want to reveal whether you are competitive on a price-level with other manufacturers.

    Our custom teardown experience includes:

    • Automobiles
    • Robots
    • Industrial equipment
    • Point of sale devices
    • Wireless chargers
    • Medical equipment
    • Sport equipment
    • And others

    Circuit Analysis

    Well Organized Schematics Delivered in a Cadence™ Like Environment

    TechInsights analyzes analog and digital designs including, but not limited to, memories, processors, controllers, MEMS, wireless, microphones, and antennas. Advanced laboratory capabilities enable us to reveal full details of circuit layouts at each lithographic layer and conduct full circuit extraction.

    Our circuit analysis includes:

    • Die utilization/floor plan analysis and block identification
    • Standard cell analysis and design
    • Analog and digital circuit design analysis of devices fabricated in processes as small as 14nm

    Process Analysis

    Superior Quality Images, Analysis, and Comments

    TechInsights has over a quarter of a century of experience scrutinizing CMOS, BiCMOS, BCDMOS, and mixed signal processes or technologies using the most sophisticated reverse engineering facilities, equipment, and expertise in the industry.

    Our process analysis capabilities include:

    • State of the art SEM equipment and proprietary delineation techniques for unmatched quality of bevel and cross-sectional SEM imaging
    • World class TEM, TEM-EDS, and TEM-EELS analysis of semiconductor devices, with proprietary sample preparation techniques enabling large area analysis
    • SMIM (Scanning Microwave Impedance) a new technique that surpasses the performance of Scanning Capacitance Microscopy and enables quantitative measurements of dopant concentrations

    Systems Analysis

    Covering a Wide Range of Electronic Systems in Various Industries, Products, and Devices

    We are able to perform the most difficult and demanding types of analysis, including extracting key information from the most complex chips and embedded memories to support a broad range of competitive intelligence.

    Our systems analysis includes:

    • Functional testing with non-destructive device teardown
    • Performance measurement and benchmarking (Power efficiency, RF performance, etc.)
    • Software extraction and reverse engineering
    • Simulation modeling and analysis
    • Devices we work on include:
      • Smart phones and tablets
      • Wearables
      • PC, server, ultrabooks
      • Gaming
      • Optical equipment
      • Telecom equipment (DSL, cable, microwave, etc.)


    Circuit design reports ship with CircuitVision™

    All circuit reports include a PDF report plus our powerful CircuitVision interface. This provides a highly interactive, easy to navigate view of circuit design including the physical implementation on the integrated circuit. Hierarchical schematics are recreated in a way that mirrors developers’ design from the block down to the gate level – all linked to the original layout, showing the extracted gates and associated interconnects.


    Many customers say our competitive analysis provides
    up to a 10x return on their investment.

    “The competitive technical intelligence from TechInsights enables us to make better, more informed decisions that have led to more wins and market share gains.”

    Business Unit Manager, Semiconductor Company

    “Understanding the competitive landscape and what is new and innovative has fueled our innovation. We are more successful and competitive because of this invaluable intelligence from TechInsights.”

    Senior Engineer, Electronics Company

    “I am not aware of anyone who proactively analyzes a similar volume of consumer devices and produces such accurate and valuable analysis so quickly than TechInsights.”

    Manager, Competitive Intelligence

    TechInsights maintains complete confidentiality with our customers and will not divulge company or individual names. Testimonials are actual quotes or representative of what we hear.

    How technology analysis works – what to expect

    1. Call with our Technical Client Manager and Analyst to understand your needs and offer suggestions as to how we can help
    2. Define the scope of work and analyses of the device so that we can make an accurate quote
    3. Perform preliminary analysis of the device so that we can make an accurate quote (for example, the number of layers, poly or diffusion die photo, functional block identification, process node assessment, etc.)
    4. Provide you with a formal proposal for review, discussion, and approval