• TechInsights' Image Sensors Subscription

  • Get regular, succinct analysis of high-volume imaging applications

    For leaders who want to base their product road maps on hard facts and understand what’s really “cooking” under the hood of state-of-the-art imaging devices, TechInsights' Image Sensors is the ideal solution.

    This subscription-based service is the authoritative and most cost-effective source of reliable and accurate analysis of image sensors in high-volume and high-growth applications including:

    • Consumer (smartphones, tablets, and digital cameras)
    • Professional (digital and video cameras)
    • Automotive and security
    • Specialty devices (gaming and industrial)
    • Emerging growth areas

    Important Benefits

    Augment your competitive technical intelligence with access to a huge database and dedicated analysts. Your subscription includes:


    • Access to thousands of die photos
    • Image Sensor Designs Wins


    • ~30 Device Essentials Projects per annum
    • SEM bevel and planar images
    • SEM x-sections
    • Executive summary including critical features and schematics
    • Tri-Annual image sensor patent landscape


    • Tri-annual analyst summary report
    • Annual subject matter expert on-site workshop at a location of your choice

    TechInsights' Analysis

    Our Image Sensors analysis provides industry insight by monitoring technology as it enters mass production in high-volume imaging applications.

    Analyst summary reports and on-site workshop covers:

    • Hot product teardowns
    • News and noteworthy events
    • Technical trends
    • Previously unpublished technical analyses
    • Focus segments: gaming, automotive, etc.
    • Image sensor patent landscape

    Use our expertise to grow and protect your business:

    • Get insight into new trends and disruptive technologies before they occur
    • See whether you are competitive or can replicate a technology or approach
    • Stay on top of changes in the fast-moving semiconductor industry
    • Make decisions about whether to invest in or exit a particular application space