• Patent Strengthening

  • Build better patents

    Are your patents as strong as they need to be to protect your business, provide leverage or help achieve goals for your business?

    Can you draft enhanced claims today that cover your competitive products more precisely?

    We can identify evidence of “similar use” in competitive products that will help your prosecution team write stronger claims to optimize your patent applications – and make them more applicable to a specific market, technology, company, or product.

    How Patent Strengthening Creates Better Applications

    You may not be familiar with the term “patent strengthening,” but as an IP professional, you are certainly familiar with the concept behind it: increasing the value of a patent portfolio.

    TechInsights has developed strategies that can be applied during the applications process to help ensure a portfolio achieves its greatest potential for value, and we have documented these strategies in a whitepaper entitled “How patent strengthening creates better applications.”

    The whitepaper outlines four key opportunities to strengthen each application:

    • Evaluation of adoption in the marketplace
    • Identifying additional innovations in applications
    • Preparing for a company of interest
    • Abandoning applications with concerns

    Learn how these four opportunities can help to streamline and increase the value of your portfolio.

    Know exactly what’s needed to strengthen your application

    TechInsights’ deep understanding of patent claim detectability and industry use can give you an advantage.

    We will provide you with a detailed technical perspective that reveals the way your patents read now, and further text in the disclosure that more fully describes the implementation in a target.

    The opportunities we identify can be the difference between a strong patent that reads well on specific targets – with the potential to generate substantial revenue from successful licensing programs or litigation activities – and a weaker patent that costs you money each year, with little to no return.

    Deep technical insights build patent value

    A critical advantage that TechInsights brings to helping strengthen your patent application(s) is history and experience. No other IP partner has our experience with proving patent value and our history of technical analysis.

    Simply put, because of our years of demonstrating use, we are best-placed to help you build a patent that has your objectives in mind.

    We perform proactive technology analysis on a wide range of products to give us immediate access to a vast knowledge base that we then leverage to provide substantive and reliable insights on technologies, products, and markets.

    Evidence-based patent strengthening

    TechInsights works with IP professionals and legal counsel during the critical laid-open period to identify potential opportunities that will strengthen the application.

    In-house reverse engineering analysis delivers Indication of Use for the claims you are prosecuting.

    We can also provide recommendations on strengthening patent continuations in jurisdictions where they are available.

    Save time and money by auditing and culling your applications, our assessment can also be used to recommend which applications to abandon.

    Patent Portfolio Monetization: Key Considerations for Companies in 2018 and Beyond

    Companies worldwide consider Intellectual Property (IP) as one of their most valuable asset classes because of the substantial financial and strategic value that can be generated from IP monetization transactions and structures. However, determining the value of a patent portfolio has been a constant challenge for patent owners due to the increasing complexities in the IP environment.

    In this Webcast, a panel of distinguished professionals and thought leaders will help companies and patent owners understand the important aspects of this significant topic. They will provide an in-depth discussion of critical issues surrounding Patent Portfolio Monetization. Speakers will also offer best practices in improving patent quality and in developing and implementing effective portfolio monetization programs.

    Key topics include:

    • Current Patent Portfolio Monetization Trends
    • Risks and Pitfalls
    • Business, Legal and Other Considerations
    • Best Patent Valuation Practices
    • Impact of Recent Regulatory Developments

    TechInsights Webinar TIPS Series: Using Technical Evidence to Strengthen Patents

    Patent Strengthening is a term we use to describe the different methods that can be applied during the prosecution to both maximize the usefulness of a patent once it grants, and to ensure your time and money are focused on your most valuable assets.

    At a high level, there are four opportunities for patent strengthening:

    • Identifying potential use of the invention in commercial products
    • Determining market adoption
    • Identifying continuation opportunities, and tuning their claims to commercial products
    • Abandoning less valuable applications

    Applying these practices in an advanced technology environment requires not only an in-depth understanding of the technology being described in the application, but the ability to pair that understanding with irrefutable, factual evidence.

    This program includes discussion on when to gather in-depth technical evidence, examples of the types of evidence that can be produced through technical analysis, and methods to apply that evidence during prosecution to strengthen patents.