• Wearables

  • Wearables

    Our wearables channel covers personal health & fitness wearable systems, wearable computers, VR headsets, and connected sporting equipment.

    • Manufacturers may include but are not limited to: FitBit, Garmin, Samsung, LG, Apple, and Jawbone
    • Projected number of teardowns: 55 reports annually

    Wearable & Wellness Sample Reports

    Our Teardown reports use a standard format to help you quickly navigate each device report and find the data that’s important to you.

    Two types of teardown reports provide increasing analysis and insights:

    Deep Dive Teardown Reports:

    • Our most exhaustive and popular type of teardown report, available across all channels
    • A full product teardown that includes:
      • ICs identification and costing
      • A PDF report containing pictures of circuit boards with annotated ICs, major subassemblies, antennas
      • Die photos for major ICs and tables for features description and dimensional data
      • Costed bill of materials (BOM) spreadsheet
      • RF block diagram
      • System block diagram
    • Deep Dive report coverage is not limited to electronics, it also includes a BOM for all non-electronic parts, each of which is also costed, so we can provide a total cost for the product.

    Preliminary Teardown Reports:

    • Get a quick look before the final report is ready.
    • Preliminary reports are meant to help you quickly identify the major IC wins at a system level.

    Wearables Sample Reports

    Apple Watch A1554